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Product Properties


Bio-surfactant adsorption at the interface is less than chemical surfactants

NameMaximum Adsorption (mg/g)
Biosurfactant< 1.0
Chem-Cationic Surfactant4-10
Chem-anionic Surfactant1-100
Chem-nonionic Surfactant10-100
On the sandstone under room temperature


Biosurfactants adsorb less at the interface than do chemical surfactants

NameMaximum Adsorption (mg/g)
Biosurfactants< 1.0
Synthetic cationic surfactants4-10
Synthetic anionic surfactants1-100
Synthetic non-ionic surfactants10-100
Conditions: on sandstone under room temperature

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Compared with chemical surfactants, biosurfactant have better environmental compatibility, due to their lower toxicity, easier biodegradation, and lower (or non) bioaccumulation.

NameLD50 (mouse)100% Biodegradation
under aerobic conditions
Biosurfactants> 100005-6 Days
Synthetic cationic surfactants< 1000> 100 Days
Synthetic anionic surfactants1000-5000> 20 Days
Synthetic non-ionic surfactants1000-10000> 20 days

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Surface and Interfacial Tension

pH Stability

Relationship between surface tension and pH of biosurfactant solutions at their CMC

Temperature Stability

Changes in surface tension of solutions containing biosurfactants at CMC after heat treatment at different temperatures

Salinity Stability

Metal Ions Stability

Influence of metal ions on surface tension of biosurfactant solutions at their CMC.

Emulsification Stability

Effect of temperature, pH, salinity and metallic ions concentration on biosurfactant emulsification stability at a concentration of 2000 ppm.

Critical Micell Concentration

Trade NameChemical NameIonic NatureHLBCMC mg/L
BSSLipopeptideAnionic /
CTABCetyl Trimetyl Ammonium ChlorideCationic21.45500
Dehyquart ACetyl Trimetyl Ammonium ChlorideCationic21.45500
EmulginW600 Ethoxylated Nonyl PhenolNonionic11.045.06
SDSSodium Dodecyl SulfateAnionic40.02120
Triton X-100Octyl Phenol Etoxilates23 PeoNonionic16.91000
Tween 80Lauryl Alcohol EtherNonionic16.7400

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