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About Lipopeptides

Lipopeptides are a green surfactant produced by Bacillus species using renewable raw materials as nutrition. They consist of peptide units linked to fatty acids.

Lipopeptides have been broadly used as components in household and industrial cleaning products, as fungicides and biocides, as a bioremediation agent, as additives in the construction industry, as emulsifying and foaming agents in the cosmetic and food industries, and as antibiotics and adjuvants in pharmaceutics. In the petroleum industries, they have been used both as a cleaner and as an additive in EOR processes.

The HLB number of the lipopeptides is about 15. Its hydrophilic portion allows it to dissolve in weakly acidic or alkaline aqueous solutions. Its CMC is approximately 50 mg/L. For certain applications, it shows superior surface activity compared to synthetics in the same class. Its fundamental advantage over chemical surfactants is environmental compatibility, including low toxicity, high biodegradability, and being made from renewable carbon sources. If you have an application in mind, we encourage you to request a sample from us.