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TensioGreen develops and supplies customized biosurfactants and it blends to the oil and natural gas production industry worldwide, as well as to other industries that make use of biosurfactants. It has two product lines: the Product line for use in EOR and bioremediation, where specific EOR applications include well stimulation, reservoir recovery, and flow assurance in mature fields, shale development, and deep water; and the higher-purity BBB line for use in household, cosmetics, personal care, and pharmacological applications.

We are committed to developing more sustainable and greener approaches in conventional energy exploration and environmental remediation, as well as to expanding the possibilities of microbially produced green products that support a wide variety of industries.

R & D

A particular strength is our R&D team, which combines the latest laboratory methods in surface science, colloid chemistry, microbiology, and molecular biology. Customer may have an interest in TensioGreen products, or have specific product needs that can be met through product development, at which our chemists excel.